Eli Pelaez

Eli Pelaez
Green Beauty blogger, Noeli Pelaez.

Name:  Eli Pelaez

Instagram: @nz0424

Occupation: Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Blogger/YouTuber

Where do you live: California

How did you discover green beauty: I got into green beauty after reading up on parabens. First, it was parabens then I found an article on mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, PEGs and so on. It disturbed me so much that I tossed all of my products that had toxic ingredients. It was surprisingly easy to do so after reading up on how harmful they really are. I had been seriously sick the year prior to going green so I really didn't want to go and put toxic ingredients on my body that could make my health worse. I think that's when I truly started to value my body & my health enough to properly care for it. YouTube and the green beauty community made my transition very easy. Now I love to do my part by helping others make the switch. 

You are a cruelty-free, green and vegan beauty blogger. Why did you decide to become a vegan: I went vegan for the animals. I remember not wanting to eat meat since I was a kid. I just couldn't understand why it was ok to eat a cow and love and care for a dog. To me they are the same. They are both beings that want to live and they both feel pain so one day I decided to stop and haven't looked back since. It has been the best decision of my life. 

Daily makeup routine: I don't wear makeup on the daily but when I do I go for mascara, concealer, brows, highlight & lipstick. If I'm just gonna run some errands them mascara is the only thing I use. In my makeup bag I keep a lip balm, a few lipsticks of course (cuz you know, options), mini deodorant, blotting papers, and mascara for the days that I'm running late. 

Green Beauty blogger, Eli Pelaez shares her makeup favorites: Juice Beauty, 100% Pure, and Teri Miyahira beauty.

Skincare favorites that work: There are a lot to mention but the ones that pop into my mind are mostly from Earthwise Beauty. They are seriously some of the best, most effective products out there. Their Marigold Fields moisturizer, Nap in the Meadow face serum, the Passion eye serum,  Aphrodite facial steam, and  Blackstrap Molasses  face mask are awesome. Also, the Pele mask from Mahalo Skin Care works wonders on breakouts. The MyChelle peel is also a favorite. 

Haircare must haves: Tea Tree Oil & Argan Oil! The one from DermOrganic is my fave. 

Go-to fragrance: LaVanilla Grapefruit Vanilla or Harvey Prince Hello

Favorite nail polish line: That's a hard one because I love a couple. If I had to choose one, LVX

One beauty product you can't live without: If we are talking makeup, then it's mascara. With skincare, the Marigold Fields moisturizer from Earthwise Beauty is one of my faves. 

Mychelle Peel Perfect C Pro Speed Peel.

A beauty product you've tired and were blown away by the results: Man there are a few, but the most recent one is the MyChelle Perfect C Pro Speed Peel. That stuff is uhmazing!

Favorite high-end beauty product: I don't have one in particular but I would have to say a good skincare product. I usually splurge on luxury skincare. 

Favorite drug store item: I don't use many drugstore items nowadays, but the Pacifica stellar gaze brown mascara is awesome. I use it on my brows as a brow gel to get natural looking brows.

Go-to shop for green beauty: Vitacost or any green beauty online shop like Nuciya and the Detox Market. I also like Marshalls because they carry a great selection of natural products. 

Beauty secret: Never go to bed with your makeup on, seriously. It's such a simple tip but it really keeps your skin looking fab. Also oil cleansing is a game changer! 

What does beauty mean to you: Beauty is everywhere, in us, in nature, in animals etc. Most people have it instilled in their minds that beauty is in the exterior of someone or something but that's not the case. The beauty that really matters at the end of the day, is in the interior. In the way we treat others, the way we carry ourselves. Beauty to me is confidence, bravery, humility, love, animals, people, kind actions, moments of uncontrolled laughter, the sunset, the moon rise, the little things that are actually big things that we forget to stop and admire. 

Green Beauty Blogger Eli Pelaez and her dog, Bear.

Green Beauty Blogger Eli Pelaez and her dog, Bear.

Why do you think self-care is important: Self care is so vital for your physical and mental sanity. Not only is it good for you but also for the people you interact with. It helps bring positivity, happiness and well-being to your life. I feel amazing after I have done a couple self-care rituals such as meditation or a good facial. 

Who inspires you: The women in my life. My mother, my wife, my friends. Women are extraordinary beings, resilient, capable of anything, smart, beautiful and the list goes on. Just by being a woman it makes me want to do good & be better. It makes want to be brave and it inspires me to want to inspire others. 


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