Green Beauty For Men

Green Beauty For Men

Ladies, green beauty isn't just for women. Men can and should be using the products we love too. 

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When I first made the switch to using more natural based beauty and household products, I wondered how my boyfriend would react to the purge. Luckily he was all about it and soon found himself reading the back of labels and asking for recommendations. Over the years he's tested lots of the items I've brought home and found products that he truly loves.  Here is a list of my boo T's top ten green beauty items. 

No Tox Life Beard Oil- When my boyfriend started growing out his beard, I picked up this oil for him and it's turned into his favorite beard oil. I love that it's made in my neighborhood and he loves that it keeps his beard tamed and conditioned. 

Waxelene-I got a sample of this product in a goodie bag and shared it with my boo. He used it up with in a week and immediately ordered a full size jar. He uses this multi-use product to protect his nose during allergy season or in harsh weather. It can also be used on lips or dry skin. 

Andalou Naturals Kukui Cocoa Nourishing Body Butter- I've raved about this product a bunch so it's not a secret that I love this body lotion. The fact that my boyfriend also loves it proves we're meant to be, right?! :) I use it when I get out of the shower and he uses it as a hand cream at night. 

Kiss My Face Creamy Face Cleanser-T has normal to dry skin so I like to pick up creamy cleansers for him to try. I bought this one on a recommendation from a friend and its been his absolute favorite cleanser. He's probably gone through 10+ of these orange creamsicle scented bottles. 

Coola Mineral Sunscreen-Sunscreen is a big deal in our house. We've gone through quite a few to find one that we both love and this unscented matte sunscreen is one of my boos absolute faves. I think what sold him was the matte texture which leaves skin feeling super smooth.

Ilia Cucumber Water Stick-My boyfriend loves a good toner (who doesn't) so when I saw this cucumber water stick by Ilia, which is essentially a toner in a super easy to apply stick form, I got one for him. It was love at first try. This product glides on effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. Plus, since it comes in a convenient tube so it's super easy to travel with.  

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm- T was using this product before we met so I can't take any credit for converting him to cleaner lip balms. He keeps one the night stand and one in his travel bag. 

Natures Gate Toothpaste- Not the most glamorous product, but definitely a staple in our house. We've gone through countless Natures Gate Creme de Mint toothpaste.  Every time we give another brand a go, we inevitably end up coming back to this product. It's that good.  

Tea Tree Therapy Mint Toothpicks- T loves these so much that he buys them in bulk and gives them to friends who've never tried them. These are a great replacement for sugary gum or anytime you want to freshen your breath. 

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Debs Flawless Face Oil- A friend of T's gifted him this argan, carrot seed and lavender oil and he's been raving about it ever since. In fact it was the first product he mentioned when I asked him to share his favorite green beauty products.

These are just a few of T's faves. Ladies, what green beauty products do the men in your life love? <3