Alla Korot founder of skincare line, L’uvalla

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Name: Alla

Instagram: @Luvalla

What city do you call home: Los Angeles

Occupation: Founder of Luvalla Skincare and a humble servant of LUV.

What inspired you to create your skincare line, L’uvalla: I really wanted to create a clean beauty regimen that would work as well as any conventional brand but without all the toxins and chemicals. I also wanted to create a brand that centered around a high vibration lifestyle, meditation, self luv and positive affirmations.

What does the word L’uvalla mean: Luv the Divine in all things. LUV yourself!

Tell us about your product range. What products are in the line: There are 8 daily regimen products for all skin types. All products can be purchased online on our site, luvalla.com

New customers can use code FIRST20 to save 20% off on their first order. A 10 day supply of samples are also available for free + $5.95 S&H.

Your products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Why is that important to you: It’s important to me because ingredients absorb directly into our blood stream. Why subject ourselves to unhealthy toxins if we can get great results from very pure formulations, it just makes sense. Once you go natural it’s fairly impossible to go back to anything less then pure. It’s like your cells just CRAVE the good stuff.

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You are one of the few beauty brands in the U.S. to have the Cosmetique Bio Cert. Can you tell us what the means: Yes, CosmeBIO is a VERY strict certification for skin care and cosmetics ONLY! This super stringent certification covers all aspects in natural, organic and sustainable claims. They visit the factories twice per year, unannounced. All vendors and suppliers must adhere to CosmeBIO’s standards and quality practices. NO ingredients can ever be tested on animals. All packaging must be recyclable. All formulations must display the total percentages of organic and natural claims. It’s a certification that truly protects the customers and the planet!

The European Union bans 1300+ chemicals from cosmetics but the U.S. bans only 30. Is that why you chose to manufacture your products in France: Exactly! When our search began initially, all our research kept pointing to the European Union. They were so far ahead of the U.S. 14 yrs ago. It’s really rewarding to see how many green beauty brands have come into the market place in the past 5 years. We like to think of ourselves as the pioneers in some way. We were one of the very first to be fully VEGAN, CosmeBIO certified, aromatherapy based and use Argan Oil in our formulations, way before it was the trend.

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What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who want to start their own beauty brand:

  • Get ready to work your butt off.

  • Be fluid, its not always going to work out the way you plan.

  • Be extremely passionate about your products. The fire must always burn bright within you! It’s your fuel to overcome all the challenges ahead.

  • Take your time, grow slowly. You will learn a lot and that will help you make better decisions as you expand.

  • Always provide THE BEST customer service!! Make your customers feel how valued and appreciated they are. They will always want to support you in return! It’s easy to lose a customer but very hard to acquire a new one, especially in the skincare industry.

  • Don’t be scared. Know that as long as you always do your best, work really hard and LEARN from your mistakes, the Universe will support your DREAM!!

You have beautiful skin. What do you do to take care of your complexion: I am very disciplined about taking care of my skin! I use L’uvalla products to wash my face, use toner, apply face cream and eye cream, every day no matter what. It’s just a very good habit and I see the results by doing so. I try to mask once a week and I exfoliate twice a week.I also rarely wear foundation or powder. I prefer to let my skin breathe and I like the way my skin looks naked. When you have a healthy complexion, you don’t need a lot of makeup.

What advice would you share with someone who is interested in transitioning their beauty regime to include more natural products: Start with just a cleanser. Check to see if you are ok with essential oils then look for products that have simple formulations. I also recommend seeking out brands that offer samples because it’s nice to be able to test out new options before investing in full size products.

Also, trust your own intuition. If you’re attracted and drawn to a product, maybe there’s a good reason you should try it out. And support small businesses. Typically, their ethics and dedication is still authentic and has not been tainted by corporate greed. It’s not about the marketing and making millions, it’s about honesty, clean ingredients and real results!

What’s one beauty brand that you think everyone should know about: L’uvalla of course! Only because we have so many happy customers for the past 12 years and our products really do work and they are great for sensitive skin types. Our aromatherapy is also a huge draw because our beautiful relaxing scents help reduce stress and tension. God knows we all need it these days! :)

Fave drugstore item: Organic cotton pads that go so well with our toners.

Fave luxury item: Silk pillow cases. I purchase mine from a lovely boutique called Presence of Piermont.

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One beauty product you can’t be without: L‘uvalla Age Defying Day Night Cream. I literally cannot live without! #HOOKEDforLIFE

Go-to shop for green beauty: Whole foods, Erewhon Market, Mothers Market, and online directly from the brands I respect and want to support.

Beauty Secret: Exercise and meditation! Honestly, I truly believe that these 2 daily activities make a huge difference in my skin, youthful appearance and energy VIBES. I’m also a very good sleeper. Rest it key!

Why do you think self-care is so important: Because it reconnects us with our being, our precious consciousness. Self care redirects our focus back to ourselves. It forces us to recognize our undeniable presence and to be gently reminded that we must LUV ourselves before we can luv everyone else. For many women, and ALL mothers, this is vital because we can naturally loose ourselves in others.

Something you know now, that you wish you knew before: That I am capable of so much more then my little ego tells me so. That monkey mind stuff is just NOT TRUE!

Who inspires you: My hubby. He is so remarkable and ambitious and hard working. Spend one day with him and you will want to take over the world. LOL!

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Finals Thoughts: I would like to say that GREEN BEAUTY is the future. In 10-15 years most conventional brands will no longer be in production. The younger generation has fully embraced this movement and their buying choices will delegate the future of the skincare industry! It’s an exciting time to be a part of this change, and to feel in some small way that L’uvalla was a part of this shift!

I would also like to thank you dear Amanda for making this interview possible and for your INCREDIBLE support! I’m honored to be featured and I commend you for helping shine the light on small businesses and green beauty entrepreneurs. You are also a part of the shift so THANK YOU for your active participation.

Make sure to follow Luvalla on Instagram and check out the companies website to learn more about the awesome ingredients in their products! <3