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Bite Beauty Lip Lab Visit

Amanda LopezComment
Bite Beauty Lip Lab Visit
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Did you guys know that there is a Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Los Angeles? I was aware of the Lip Lap locations in SF, NY, and Toronto but was pleasantly surprised to learn that they also have a storefront in L.A., located in the oh so cute Larchmont Village neighborhood. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with Bite Beauty's Lip Lab Service, they offer 2 different custom lipstick experiences where you come into one of their locations and create your very own, one-of-a kind-lipstick.

Their Signature Service allows you to select a shade from their range of 200+ lip pigments, choose a finish and add the flavor of your choice. 

  • This service is $40 per person for 1 lipstick or $65 per person for 2 Lipsticks

The Bespoke Service is a little more unique in that it allows you to create up to two completely custom lip shades that are hand mixed right in front of you.  You also get to select the finish (sheer, matte, or satin) as well as the flavor (violet, coconut, lime, mint, cherry, vanilla, citrus, berry or mango )  With the purchase of 2 Bespoke Lipsticks you also receive a lip kit. The lip kit includes Bite's famous agave lip mask, whipped cherry fruit scrub and my personal favorite, the line and define lip primer. 

  • This service is $60 per person for 1 lipstick or $120 per person for 2 Lipsticks. 

I’d been wanting to visit the NYC Lip Lab for as long as I can remember so as soon as I learned that there was one in my own backyard, I jumped at the chance to check it out! Last weekend my sister and I headed over to the LA location to make our very own custom lip colors so I wanted to share the experience with you guys!

PROCESS: The first thing you do when you come in for your appointment is meet the Color Artist who will guide you through the process. Karisa was our artist and she was so sweet and patient with us. She began by asking us what colors we were interested in making then got to work mixing various shades to create the perfect color for our skin tones.  I tend to wear pink and nude shades on the daily so I chose to create a custom nude color as well as a bolder magenta for the days I'm feeling more adventurous. My sister always wears bold colors so she chose to create a bright coral red as well as a berry shade. 

Before we tested out our first custom shade, Karissa had us wipe off any existing lipstick then we exfoliated our lips with the cherry fruit scrub. Before applying our new shades we lined our lips with the Line and Define Lip Primer which helps lip color last longer and avoid any bleeding. I tried the magenta shade first while my sister applied the coral red color. We both liked the colors but had Karisa tweak them just a bit to see if we could get them just right. After a few adjustments, she had created the shades we had imagined. 

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She then moved on to our second shades. I told her I wanted a peachy nude color and my sister was looking for an everyday berry color. She blended custom colors based on our natural lip tones and nailed it on the first try!

After finalizing the color, texture and flavor, Karisa mixed up our formulas and pour them into molds. Once the molds we’re cool (it takes about 15 mins), she put the lip colors into components and engraved the caps with the name of our custom shades which was a totally unexpected surprise!

The whole process takes about an hour and a half. By the end of the session, I had created a cherry scented, sheer Magenta color that I named Tita as well as a satin nude color, also flavored with cherry, called Rocky. My sister named her violet-scented red lipstick, Rio and her cherry flavored berry shade, Tita too. *Fun fact, my sister and I are fraternal twins, meaning we were born on the same day (only a minute apart) but do not look alike. Our nickname for one another is Tita so I think it’s cute that we both decided to give one of our lipsticks the same name. :)

VERDICT: Guys, I can't tell you how fun this process was. It was especially cool to share the experience with my sister. If you love makeup or just want to do something unique with your friends or family members, I highly recommend checking out the lip lab! This would be such a fun thing to do as part of a girls day out or even for a birthday celebration, bachelorette party or on a holiday like Christmas or Mothers day.  It’s definitely something that you won’t forget.

If you decided to check out Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab here are a few tips to make your experience go off with-out a hitch.

My sister and I both wearing out “Tita” lipsticks.

My sister and I both wearing out “Tita” lipsticks.


  • Make an appointment.

  • Arrive early. Traffic in LA and parking in Larchmont is notoriously difficult. You don’t want to be late and cut into your creation time.

  • Arrive knowing what lip color you’d like to make so you have time to really fine-tune your shades.

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. The Color Artists are there to make sure you create the lipstick shade of your dreams.

  • Go with a friend if you can. It’s so much fun to share the experience with someone.

Special shout out to Bite Beauty for having us! I can’t wait to come back and bring my mom to the store so she can experience the magic for herself. <3