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7 Tips For Reusing Unwanted Beauty Products

To me, green beauty it about more than just buying products that are made with natural and organic ingredients. It’s also about making sure I use up those products so I limit the amount of waste I create. This can be challenging to accomplish if I end up buying something that I didn’t quite like. Instead of tossing that item and wasting those ingredients, here are my 7 tips for repurposing unwanted beauty products that will help you not only save money but also reduce your beauty carbon footprint.

1. Use conditioner as a shaving cream - I’ve purchased my fair share of conditioners that didn’t work out for me. If that has ever happened to you too, considering repurposing the product as a shaving cream. The moisturizing formulas will leave your skin soft while also helping you get a silky smooth shave.

2. Shampoo makes a great brush cleaner - Instead of tossing a shampoo that didn’t agree with your locks, consider using it to wash your makeup brushes. I’ve also used shampoo as a stain-remover and as laundry detergent when I am in a pinch.

3. Try using a clay mask as an underarm detox - I love a good clay mask but sometimes I find it difficult to use them up before their expiration date. If you are in the same boat, considering applying your clay masks to your underarms for a quick detox. Apply it in the shower for easy application and clean up.

4. Lipsticks look awesome as cream blushes - If a lip color didn’t look as good on as you’d hoped, try using that shade as a cream blush or even as a highlighter. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

5. Face oils can be used to remove makeup - If you don’t like the scent of a new face oil or it didn’t work well with your skin type, try using it instead to remove makeup. I also like to use face oils to moisturize dry elbows, knees, and cuticles.

6. Save unwanted foundations to create your own custom shade - If you’ve ever bought a foundations color that just didn’t match your skin tone, consider mixing it with another shade to create your perfect match. Foundations that are too dark can also be used as a contour shade. Similarly, if the foundation is to light, considering using it to highlighter or conceal.

7. Use a bronzer as an eye shadow - How many of us have ever purchased a bronzer only to discover that it pulls too orange or glittery. Give it a second chance and use that color as an eyeshadow. The things you didn’t like about the bronzer, may end up looking killer on the eyes.

These are just a few ways to repurpose unwanted beauty products. You could of course also share items with friends or family, host a beauty swap or donate products to a women’s shelter. If something really didn’t work for you and you don’t feel comfortable using it or passing it on, at the very least recycle the container guys. It may not always seem like it, but every thing we do has an affect on the world around us so let’s try and make decisions that will positively impact future generations. :) <3