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Save Money On Green Beauty

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Save Money On Green Beauty

Chances are, if you are reading this blog, you are as much of a beauty junkie as I am and can relate to the thrill of discovering an awesome new beauty product. What I also find thrilling is being able to find said beauty product for a fraction of the retail price so today I wanted to share with you my favorite 9 ways to save money on green beauty. Who said beauty had to be expensive? :)

9 ways to save money on green beauty products

1. Shop at Ross, Marshalls and TJ MAXX: I can't tell you how many awesome green beauty brands I've found at my local discount department store. (Acure, Dr. Houshka, Schmitdt, and Goop are a few of the brands I've see.) These stores get new product in weekly so check back regularly if you don't find what your looking for on your first visit. Pro Tip: Before you make a purchase, make sure products have not been opened or used. 

2. Check Out Target End Caps: Another great store to find discounted beauty items is Target. I always check out the end caps in the beauty isles because they're usually stocked with lots of great discounted items. I've found Andalou Naturals, Burts Bees and Shea Moisture products in their sale bins.

3. Join Loyalty Programs: Many online beauty shops now offer loyalty rewards programs where you earn points ($) every time your buy something. Those points can then be used towards future purchase.  Shops like Pretty Pure BeautyPetit Vour and The Detox Market offer great loyalty rewards programs.

4. Sign Up For Mailing List: Sign up for your favorite stores mailing list because they usually send out great discount codes. Also don't forget to follow the brands you love on social media because they usually share their sales there too. 

5. Look For Beauty Blogger Discount Codes: There are so many great affiliate links and coupon codes out there and your favorite beauty blogger probably has one you can use so before making a purchase, check out their social media feeds. 

6. Buy Multi-Purpose Products: Save money by purchasing multi-purpose products. For example, your favorite lipstick might also make a great cream blush. Shampoo or bar soap could be a great makeup brush cleaner.  Your favorite highlight would look gorgeous as an eye shadow. You get the idea. Don't be afraid to experiment to get the most out of your products AND money. 

7. Sample Before Your Buy: To make sure you don't lose money by purchasing a product you don't end up liking, always, always try and sample before you commit to the full size product.  If you've ever been to a Sephora, then you might already know that they offer a great sample service where you can test out products before you buy but did you know that the Wholefoods beauty section can also make you sample of a product your interested in?  There are also lots of great beauty brands like GressaClove and Hallow, Alima Pure, that offer low cost sample programs too.  So before you make the leap, sample, sample, sample. 

8. Host A Beauty Swap: Last year my friend Cindy from Cultura con Wellness, hosted a beauty swap where all of the attendee brought new or gently used beauty products that they didn't want anymore and swamped them for new-to-them products they did want to try. Everything that was left over was then donated to a women's shelter.  Saving money, hanging out with friends, and helping the community; It's a win-win situation!

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9. Subscription Boxes: I love a good beauty subscription box service because I like getting mail, being surprised and saving money! Beauty Subscription boxes are awesome because you get to try sample and/or full sized beauty products for a fraction of their retail price.  Most of the beauty subscription boxes services I've tried also come with additional coupon coded that can be used to buy items included in the boxes. Good BeingEcoBeauty Bytes, Petit Vour and Beauty Heroes are a good place to start if you want to sign up for one. 

These are my favorite ways to save money on green beauty products. If you have some of your own tips, share them in the comments below so we can all save a little moolah!  Happy shopping everyone!