Top 3 Natural Mascaras

Top 3 Natural Mascaras

Everyones has their own idea of what makes a mascara formula perfect. I always look for a formula that can hold a lash curl and adds both volume and length. This can be tricky to find, especially in the green beauty world.

Ere Perez Best Green Beauty Mascara

I’ve tested at least two dozen over the years and these 3, in my humble opinion, are the best green beauty mascaras on the market.
Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara is my holy grail product. This mascara has a slightly dry formula that holds a lash curl perfectly, lengthens, and volumizes like no other. It’s also water resistant (I use a little oil to remove it) and long-lasting so it does not smudge on me. I was impressed from the first application. If you are looking for a really good mascara that you can depend on all day, check this one out. ⁣It’s available on the Ere Perez website or in LA Detox Market.

ere perez mascara.jpg

Price: $24

Wand: Traditional slightly tapered brush

Best for: People who love the look of false lashes or just want their mascara to last all day.


Lady Green Bio Best Green Beauty Mascara

Lady Green Bio Divine Mascarade was introduced to me by my friend Val a few years ago. She discovered it while browsing the isles of a natural beauty store in Paris. It came highly recommended by an employee so she bought one for her self and picked up an extra one for me to try. I’ll tell ya what, I could not be any more grateful. This mascara has a really lovely slightly wet formula and a great fluffy wand that lengthens and volumizes the lashes in a really natural way. This formula holds a lash curl well and never irritates my eyes. As far as I know you can only get this mascara overseas so if you spot one on a European vacation, stock up.


Price: 17 EUR

Wand: Full and fluffy bristled wand

Best for: Those who love a more natural full lash look.


Burts Bees Best Green Beauty Mascara

Burts Bees Nourishing Mascara was a pleasant discovery that almost didn’t happen. I went to a beauty event last year where I got a chance to pick up a PR sample. I passed on this at first because I haven’t had much luck with drug store mascaras but before I left the event, I reluctantly decided to try it. It doesn’t hold a curl as well as the others but it does volumize and lengthen the lashes so I wear this on days where I want a more natural look. A friend of mine with sensitive eyes also uses it and she said the formula is super gentle.

Burts Bees mascara.jpg

Price: ⁣⁣$9

Wand: Plastic dome bristles

Best for: Someone with sensitive eyes who likes a more natural look . This would also be great for those who already have curly lashes or a lash lift.

These are my favorite natural mascaras on the market right now. What are some of yours? <3