Cindy Luquin

Cindy Luquin
Cindy Luquin aka @GreenVanillaBean

Name: Cindy Luquin

Instagram: GreenVanillaBean

Occupation: Spanish Interpreter/Translator

Where do you live: Pasadena, CA

How did you get into green beauty:  I always dabbled in green beauty during the college years and made lots of DIYs in order to re-create less expensive versions of my favorite products. In April 2015, I finally made the decision to commit to what I call an intentionally greener lifestyle after having a laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal surgery that led to the removal of my entire right ovary.                                                                              

What is your daily makeup routine: The Root Pretty pearl mineral powder foundation, W3ll people bio correct concealer, rms unpowder, Perfekt Lash Mascara, Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil in dark brunette, Honest Beauty Dusk Reflection for bronzer, Thrive Causemetics eyeliner pencil, Jane Iredale Blush in Flawless, Honest Beauty Spotlight and Strobe Kit, Zabana Essentials lip balm. 

Skincare favorites that work:  Honey Belle Gold Luxe Organic Cleansing Oil, OSEA sea minerals mist, Lather Chia seed and passion fruit face oil, Odacite black cumin + cajeput serum

Hair care must haves: Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion, Lani Tropical Hair Treatment, Bambu Earth darker hair dry shampoo, and Acure Organics clarifying shampoo & conditioner. 

Go-to fragrance: Nantucket Perfume oil in Flowerbomb

Favorite nail polish line: LVX the finish is gel like and it's 7 free! 

One beauty product you can't live with out: A brow product whether it be pencil, powder or pomade. Brows just frame the face. 

A beauty product that you've tired and were blown away by the results: Root Pretty powder foundation! It's so lightweight, flawless, skin like, and you don't need tons of it to cover up redness or blemishes. I can do my entire base in 1 minute. 

Green Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

Go-to shop for green beauty: In Orange County I like Roots Beauty and in L.A. I go to the Detox Market

Favorite high end beauty product: Kjaer Weis Foundation.

Favorite drug store item: Pacifica deodorant wipes. 

Beauty secret: I like using a bar of soap on a brush wand and brush it through my brow hairs. This keeps the hairs in place all day long. It's better than any brow gel I've used. 

Why do you think self care is important: I think we tend to forget more and more about who we are as individuals whatever the circumstance may be: in a relationship, single, married, divorced, young or old. It takes a real conscious awareness. We all need self care each and every day and it's important to tap into rituals that give you that sense of self love. 

Who inspires you: People with a passion, humility and respect for themselves and others. The hard working mother of three, the older couple that works on weekends, the young man mowing lawns to earn his way, the young woman working three part time jobs trying to make ends meet while getting her degree (that's who I was). 

Final thoughts: I'm humbled to be a part of this blog. If I could share anything with anyone reading this it would be to not worry about what others think of you. That thing you're so afraid of going after, just go after it and trust your gut feelings. So many times were programmed to think our gut feelings shouldn't be trusted. We only have one life and there is only one version of you so strive each day to be the best you and let those that aren't on the same road take their own journey. Be the change you want to see. Love and light! 

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