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Okoko Cosmetiques

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Okoko Cosmetiques

Recently the lovely folks over at the artisanal skincare company Okoko Cosmetiques reached out asking if I’d like to try a few products from their line. I immediately said yes because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this luxurious green beauty brand. They kindly sent over 2 serums for me to test; their latest release the L'Élixir de Pureté Sang Du Dragon as well as the Ultimate Oil Serum Les 16 Precieux. I’ve been using these products for the last 3 weeks so I wanted to share my first impressions with you guys!

Okoko Cosmetique Dragon Blood Serum

L’Elixir de Purete Sang Du Drangon (Red Label)

Okoko Cosmetiques latest release is a high performance water based serum that promotes skin oxygenation and helps protect the skin from environmental pollutants that cause dullness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dehydration.

What makes it special: L’Elixir de Puerte Dragon’s Blood Serum is made with a base of bamboo water and aloe vera so it’s very hydrating. Plus it’s packed with a high concentration of active ingredients like organic beech tree bud extract, birch wood extract, willow bark extract, vitamin c, prebiotics, and vegetable ceramides that help lock in moisture. The star ingredient is of course the dragons blood resin extract which is a sap that comes from the trees in the amazon. This special ingredient is said to have anti-aging and skin healing properties that leave the skin refreshed and protected.

First impression: This product has a lovely gel like finish that goes on super smooth and feels very cooling. It also absorbed fast so its great for both evening and day time use. I would apply the serum under moisturizer and makeup and never had an issue with it. Of all of the products from this line, this is the one I liked best because it’s so unique. This all-in-one serum does it all!

Who it’s suited for: This serum was specifically designed for people who want a more advanced anti-aging treatment so I would say it’s best suited for people with slightly more mature skin or those who want to amp up their skincare routines. I also think this serum would be especially good for anyone living in an urban city since it helps to protect against environmental pollutants. As far as I know there is no other green beauty brand using dragon blood resin so I would also recommend this to skincare connoisseurs who like to try new and innovative products. Because there are lots of active ingredients in this serum, people with sensitive skin should first do a patch test before using it.

Okoko Cosmetique Les 16 Precieux

Ultimate Oil Serum Les 16 Precieux:

This super charged multi-use oil serum can be used as a face moisturizer, eye serum, antioxidant booster, lip treatment, hand oil and it can also help fade the appearance of scars and dark spots.

What makes it special: This serum is made with 16 of the most precious oils and extracts like organic Argan oil, Marula oil, Prickly Seed Pear oil, Seabuckthorn, Evening Primerose oil, Geranium Rose Oil, Baobab oil, Pomegranate extract, Rosemary, Rosehip, Willowbark, and Carrot root. It’s also infused with CoQ10 which provides powerful antioxidant protection.  The star ingredient of this luxe serum is Bakuchiol which is natures alternative to retinol!

First impression: This oil feels slightly thicker than other face oils I’ve tried in the past so I find it applies best when patted on to the skin. It’s very hydrating yet absorbs fast so it makes a nice moisturizer for both day and night. It also has a lovely scent that reminds me of a fancy spa. I’ve used this oil for the past 3 weeks in a desert climate and my skin felt totally hydrated and nourished!

Who’s it suited for: This oil based serum would work well for all skin types and especially for those who live in really dry or cold climates that need a little extra hydration. Because this oil also contains Bakuchiol, a more gentle and natural alternative to retinol, this oil is also great for those who want to incorporate this anti-aging ingredient into their skincare routines.

Okoko Cosmetique Products

Okoko Cosmetiques also sent over small samples of their Sublime Balm and Detox Purifying Facial Mask so I go to use them a few times.

I loved the beautiful whipped texture and scent of the Sublime Balm.  This super hydrating balm feels luxurious and smells like a delicate bouquet of vanilla and orange blossoms. I carried it with me on a recent trip and it kept my face and cuticles super moisturized on the plane ride.

The Detox Purifying Facial Mask was created to decongest and gently exfoliate skin and it did exactly that. My pores appeared smaller and my skin felt smoother after the first use.

Overall I am happy to say that I’ve enjoyed all 4 of the products I tried from Okoko Cosmetiques however the standouts for me were the Dragon’s Blood Serum because I have never seen another product on the market quite like it. I also really liked the Sublime Balm because it smells so good!

Okoko Cosmetiques is a premium, avant-garde, high-performance natural skincare line so products are priced accordingly. They offer mini discovery kits so I would recommend picking one up before you commit to the full sized product. Their line can be purchase online, in their Vancouver store or at various shops around the world. Hope this review was helpful to those interested in the brand. If you have any specific questions, please leave them in the comments below or drop me an email. <3