Taiann Eiland

Name: Taiann Eiland (Most people call me Tai)

Occupation: Owner and Creator of PurpL Goat

Where do you live: Pasadena, Ca

How did you discover green beauty: I have been an advocate of holistic health for quite some time and it only made sense to make sure I was using non-toxic cosmetics and skin care as well. 

As the creator or Purpl Goat, what inspired you to start the line? The line was created as a response to my own skin ailments. I have struggled with severe, cystic acne for over 10 years. As a licensed esthetician, I was handed products left and right. None of them worked for me. I decided to create my own formulations to experiment with. Sure enough, the acne subsided once I started nourishing my skin with PurpL Goat. Nature heals y'all! 

Do you have a hero product from the your line that you can't live with out? All of them! lol. If I had to choose, I would say The Healing Crystal Toner. I use it often throughout the day to hydrate my skin and reset my make up. It also aids in my spiritual practices (yoga, meditation and being in nature). It contains a small rose quartz crystal inside and spreads a loving energy once sprayed. 

Daily makeup routine: I use Gressa Serum Foundation. It is my absolute favorite! Sometimes I get a little fancy and apply a bit of their Contouring Serum Bronzer. That's about it! 

Favorite high-end beauty product: When I want to really treat myself, I use May Lindstrom's Problem Solver

Favorite drug store item: Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap- Lavender, has never failed me.

Haircare must haves: I am currently loving the EvolvH line

Go-to fragrance: Josh Rosebrook's Ethereal. Omg!!

Best Nail Polish Line: Kure Bazaar has the most awesome color selection.

Go-to shop for green beauty: The Detox Market. Fun Fact, I used to work there.

As an esthetician, do you have a favorite skin care tip to keep skin clear? Keeping your body, mind and soul in sync is a huge tip. Everything is connected and needs to be acknowledged and loved on in order to have clear skin. An everyday tip - Don't wash your face in the morning with a foaming cleanser. Your skin faces no environmental damage while you sleep so its not necessary to strip it. I typically give it a quick rinse and apply unMask(Calm), which is filled with so many hydrating and calming ingredients. I rinse it off and apply the rest of my routine products. 

Why do you think self care is so important: Your body, mind and soul are all connected. When one is out of whack, it affects you as a whole being. Discovering how to love myself completely helped me clear my skin. You only have one body in this lifetime. Why not treat it right? Why not glow from the inside, out and feel your absolute best every damn day? My favorite practices are meditation, reading, earthing, hiking, eating healthy/nourishing foods and running.

Who inspires you: My friends are a huge inspiration to me. It's taken awhile to find my tribe; probably because its taken me awhile to find myself. The wait has definitely been worth it. They are all so unique and special in their own way. And on top of that, they are all so driven and that inspires the shit out of me.

Make sure to check out Tai's blog and YouTube channel where she posts super thoughtful and inspiring content regularly!