Quetzalli Skin Care

Quetzalli Skin Care

Created by Adriana Ugalde

Quetzalli Skin Care

Name: Adriana Ugalde

Instagram: @Quetzalliskincare

Location: Anaheim Hills, CA

Occupation: Owner & Founder of Quetzalli Skin Care

What inspired you to create your company: From a very young age, my grandmother Esperanza and my mother Graciela, taught me their skin care secrets and home remedies using natural plants. This inspired and motivated me to create my own natural products. I have always understood how important it is to take care of our skin and to be aware of the products we use daily because some of them can consequently affect our health and well-being.

One day I asked myself why my Aztec and Mayan ancestors were so healthy and strong so I began to investigate their diet and what they used to be so vibrant. I was so excited to learn about the benefits of the food and ingredients they used which contained so many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It was then I decided to use them in my formulas.

I was inspired and decided to take action to create natural formulas made with herbs, flowers and seeds with the aim of developing and creating healthy, organic and natural skin care products. Eliminating those toxic ingredients that are bad for our skin and health, I made it my goal of creating a healthy option for a daily skin care routine.

Today, I am very grateful because this country that has opened many doors, and has given me the opportunity to develop and create Quetzalli Skin Care, a product created and developed here in the United States, utilizing traditional Mexican beauty secrets and customs.

What does the name Quetzalli mean: It is an Aztec and Mayan name that means something beautiful.

What makes your line different from other beauty products on the market: The ingredients used by my ancestors are nutritious, natural and pure which inspired me to use them in my formulas. I use ingredients such as cactus, pumpkin, jamaica rose, agave nectar, chia and many more which are not as common in the United States.

It’s obvious you take pride in representing your culture. Why was it important for you to share that in your products: This is my way of sharing my culture with the world. I am very proud of where I am from and have grown up using the super-food ingredients that my ancestors used which are super healthy and important for good health.

Quetzalli Skin Care products are manufactured following the Whole Foods Market protocol for Premium Body Care Ingredients. Why did you decide to create them with these guidelines in mind: For love of thy neighbor and human conscience. I realized that there are organizations, such as Whole Foods Market, that are conscious of the environment and are aware of the toxic chemicals that are around us especially in beauty products. If a product does not meet their guidelines, they will not accept it at their stores. This is very important to me.

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As a founder and CEO of your own company, what advice would you share with aspiring beauty entrepreneurs: That they become aware of what they do and create a real natural line because there is no need to put toxic ingredients in their formulas. Natural ingredients work!

What clean beauty products are always in your makeup bag: My eye serum, my toner which helps to fight bacteria and balance your pH, eyeliner, lipsticks, mascara, eye shadows and corrector. All are non-toxic.

When did you discover Green Beauty: I’ve always known about green beauty. Since I was a little girl I have always used natural ingredients.

What are your skin care must-haves: Day and night, I use my Nopal with Chamomile Cleanser, Agave Nectar & Chamomile Toner, Chia & Chamomile Eye Serum, Jamaica Rose Night Serum, Chia & Pumpkin Day Cream and my Amaranth & Vitamin C Exfoliator (twice a week).

Go-to shop for Green Beauty: Whole Foods Market, Mother’s Market, Sprouts and Bella Bar in Anaheim Hills.

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Favorite beauty secret: I use my Amaranth & Vitamin C Exfoliator and Jamaica Rose Night Serum in the evening because it nourishes my skin all night. Actually my secret are all my products that I make with love and I’m glad to share with the world.

Why do you think self-care is so important and what are some of your favorite ways to practice it: To begin with, because it is important for our health. It’s important to feel good about yourself. For me it is very important to have a good skin cleansing, hydration and nutrition ritual. Also eat healthy without toxic ingredients, go for a walk and have good natural hygiene.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to start taking better care of themselves and developing a self-care practice: I would advise you to start with a good healthy diet. The simplest way to start is to walk and eat green.

Who inspires you: Right now I am very inspired by the ancient Aztec and Mayan empires who ate very healthy, exercised a lot and were very connected with the universe and the stars. Carolina Herrera also inspires me because of her great perseverance and creativity. She overcame struggles to achieve her dream of being a world-renowned designer plus I love her style.

How can people connect with you: On my website www.QuetzalliSkinCare.com as well as through email: info@QuetzalliSkinCare.com


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And for those of you interested in trying her line, Adriana is offering 10% off your Quetzalli Skincare order with code GBLOVE. I personally recommend checking out her Jamaica Rose Serum. OMG guys. It is so GOOD!